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1st Annual Meeting of the
International Society of
Nucleic Acid Immunity

October 14-16, 2024

Centre des Congrès du Palais des Papes, Avignon, France

Join us on the frontier of scientific exploration at the upcoming 1st Annual Meeting of the International Society of Nulceic Acid Immunity, where expertise converges with innovation to shape the future of Nucleic Acid Immunity. We invite every researcher, practitioner, and enthusiast to join our conference.

This confernce provides a unique platform in this emerging scientific field to exchange ideas, showcase groundbreaking research, and foster collaborations that drive the field forward.

Avignon, France, at night

Panoramic view of the famous medieval Saint Benezet bridge and Palace of the Popes during evening blue hour, Avignon, southern France

Foto: Colourbox by #1141

Program Features

We're currently crafting the program for this exceptional conference. Anticipate these key highlights as we shape an outstanding experience for you. Prepare to join us for an enriching experience that extends beyond the talks, as we delve into the heart of groundbreaking research on Nucleic Acid Immunity together!

3 full days

Login or create an Account and Register for the NAIS24!

3 Keynote Lectures

22 Invited Speakers

10 Short Talks

Check for updates!

Preliminary Version 1

up to 100 Posters

2 Poster Sessions

2 Poster Pitch Session

Made available after the conference here.

For detailed information on the registration process, abstract submission guidelines, and how to be selected for a short talk, please scroll down on this page.


Critical Deadlines for this Conference:

Abstract Submission - closed on July 14th, 2024

(limited slots for posters and talks)

Registration - September 29th, 2024, or upon reaching capacity of 200 participants

Our Speakers

Our conference boasts three captivating keynote lectures and features insights from 22 esteemed invited speakers, all recognized experts in the field. Immerse yourself in the latest advancements, gain valuable insights, and connect with top-tier professionals.



Conference Sponsors

We are deeply grateful to our sponsors whose generous support is instrumental in organizing the 1st Annual Meeting of the International Society of Nucleic Acid Immunity (NAIS). Your commitment to advancing research and fostering collaboration within the field of nucleic acid immunity is deeply appreciated, enabling us to keep participation fees low and organize this groundbreaking conference.

Thank you for contributing to this year's NAI conference in Avignon.

NAIS24 Sponsor mCureX
NAIS24 Sponsor Abogen
NAIS24 Sponsor Cartesian Thx
NAIS24 Sponsor Generation Bio

Our Team of Organizers

NAI Meeting 2024 is curated by a world-class team of organizers, featuring local luminaries Nicolas Manel, Jean-Luc Imler, and Alice Lepelley, alongside international experts Sun Hur, Gunther Hartmann, Veit Hornung, Min Ae Lee-Kirsch, and Eva Bartok. Experience the unparalleled expertise that shapes the conference agenda.

Organizing & Supporting Institutions

Logo of the International Society of Nucleic Acid Immunity NAIS

International Society of Nucleic Acid Immunity

NAIS24 Supporter LABEX NetRNA
NAIS24 Sponsor Company of Biologists


Centre des Congrès

Place du Palais des Papes
84000 Avignon – France


Options in city center

Please note that accommodation is not covered by the NAIS24 participation fee and must be arranged individually.

Avignon, France, Palais des Papes Conference Center

Conference Registration Guide

This comprehensive guide helps you navigate the registration process.

Participation Categories and Fees

Students/Postdocs: 400€*
Academic: 600€ *
Industry: 1000€ *
NAIS Member Discount: -50€

Price includes 20% VAT, discount is pre-VAT.

Thank you for your interest in attending NAIS24! If you're a TRR237 Member, please utilize your verification code in the Contributors Registration Section for your registration. NAIS Members will receive their discount code by e-mail. Invited Speakers and Organizers are registered by our Administrator. For any registration or pricing inquiries, feel free to reach out to us.

We look forward to your participation!


1. Pre-Registration with ConfTool Account:

Pre-register for the NAIS24 by creating your new ConfTool account. If you have a ConfTool account from previous conferences, you can reuse your existing account. Remember your login details for future use.
Pre-registration allows you to submit your abstract (contribution) to present your work in a poster or a short talk. Please be aware that to participate, you need to complete the second step of registration for conference participation!

2. Abstract Submission (optional, limited slots for Posters and talks):

Submit an abstract of your work in the 'Contributions' section. Abstract submission is independent of the registration for conference participation, but only abstracts from registered participants are considered for short talks and posters. Learn more under 'Share Your Insights'.

Extended deadline: July 14th, 2024

3. Registration for Conference Participation:

After creating your ConfTool account, proceed with conference registration. Select your registration type, confirm attendance at the conference dinner, and complete payment. Register within one month, with the final deadline on September 29th. Incomplete registrations will be terminated. Questions? Contact the conference coordinator at

4. Payment:

Registration fees can be paid via bank transfer. Credit card payments are now available through STRIPE, with additional fees applied due to increased costs. The conference currency is Euros.

5. Confirmation:

Your registration is complete only after full payment! Confirmation details will be sent via email.

Please note: Payment confirmation is a manual process and may take several business days to complete.

6. Registration Desk: 

Visit the Registration Desk during the conference, open from 8 am to 9 am and during breaks. Sign in, collect your name badge, and address any conference-related issues.

Additional Considerations

7. Language

8. Visa Information:

9. Letter of Invitation:

10. Contact Us:

The official language of the conference is English.

Most Europeans do not need a visa for France. Non-European participants should check visa requirements with the French Embassy or Consulate.

Available for registered participants needing a visa. Contact at least 6 weeks before the conference.

Have questions? Reach out to us at We look forward to your participation at NAIS24!

Share your Insights

Submit your abstract for a chance to present your work in a short talk or showcase it as a poster.

At the NAIM24, we offer multiple avenues for researchers to share their insights.

Here’s how you can be part of the conversation:

Submit your abstract!

1. Abstract Submission:

Submit your abstract to us via your ConfTool account and be part of the exciting exchange of ideas at the NAIS24. Your abstract is the key to presenting your research.

2. Reviewing Process:

Our organizing committee, consisting of experts in the field, will review the submitted abstracts based on relevance, innovation, and contribution to the field. We value a diverse range of topics and perspectives.

3. Speaker Selection:

Short talk speakers will be selected from the pool of submitted abstracts. The chosen presenters will have the opportunity to deliver a concise, impactful presentation during the event.

4. Poster Presentation Sessions:

For those who prefer a visual format, you can choose to present your work as a poster. Poster sessions will be divided into two sessions, each featuring 50 posters. In a one-minute poster pitch, the presenters seize the spotlight, providing a quick overview, pique interest, and setting the stage for engaging discussions during the poster sessions.

5. Flexibility for Presenters:

We understand that presenting styles vary. If you’ve submitted an abstract, you can indicate your preference for a short talk or a poster or leave it open for consideration for both formats. We value your preferences and aim to accommodate them.

6. Abstract Submission Deadline:

The abstract submission deadline in June 30th, 2024. Rest assured, you’ll have the option to modify your abstract until the deadline, providing flexibility and ensuring your submission is just right.

7. Post-Conference Publication:

Abstracts will be published online on this website after the conference, offering a lasting platform for sharing knowledge. For those with confidentiality concerns or publication embargoes, please indicate this with your abstract submission or contact the conference coordinator at

Abstracts from presenting authors who remain unregistered and fail to complete their registrations, including payment, by the deadline will be excluded from the final program and all associated publications.

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