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About us

Step into the world of the Nucleic Acid Immunity Society. Here, our focus is sharp: advancing research, fostering collaboration, and cultivating a space for scientific excellence. Guided by an esteemed group of international experts, we unravel the complexities of Nucleic Acid Immunity and pave the way for discoveries.

Hub of NAI Experts

The International Society of Nucleic Acid Immunity (NAIS) serves as a pivotal hub, bringing together leading experts in the field. With a focus on uniting minds, the society fosters collaboration, exchange of ideas, and the consolidation of scientific activities to advance knowledge in nucleic acid immunity and related research areas.

Promoting the Future

At NAIS, we are dedicated to supporting the next generation of scientists in the field of nucleic acid immunity. By integrating young researchers into our research network, we provide them with access to current findings and the expertise of recognized international experts. Our mission is to cultivate an environment that nurtures talent and facilitates the growth of emerging scientists.

Driving Progress

NAIS takes a proactive approach to advancing the field of nucleic acid immunity by organizing conferences and workshops. These events serve as platforms for scientific meetings, collaboration, and the exchange of knowledge among professionals. As a non-profit organization, NAIS operates with the sole purpose of promoting international collaboration, ensuring that the progress and significance of nucleic acid immunity research reach broader audiences without financial gain.

Meet our Executive Committee

Get acquainted with the visionary minds steering the helm of the International Society of Nucleic Acid Immunity (NAIS). Elected during the General Assembly 2023 for a two-year term spanning 2024-2025, our esteemed Executive Committee comprises global experts such as Andrea Ablasser, Shizuo Akira, Zhijian James Chan, Yanick Crow, Kate Fitzgerald, Gunther Hartmann, Sun Hur, Jean-Luc Imler, Nicolas Manel, Søren Riis Paludan, and Kensuke Miyake. Each member brings a wealth of experience and dedication to advancing the frontiers of nucleic acid immunity research.

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